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Min : $1

Max : $100000


Hourly For
35 Hours

Min : $5

Max : $10000


Hourly For
24 Hours

Min : $400

Max : $10000


Hourly For
12 Hours

Min : $500

Max : $10000


Daily For
3 Days

Min : $30

Max : $10000


Hourly For
6 Hours

Min : $1000

Max : $10000


After 5

Min : $650

Max : $10000


After 1

Min : $800

Max : $10000

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An important part of the relationship we have with our Clients is the information you share with us. We want you to know how we treat your private information. BITWIDEN LIMITED protects our clients' privacy and does its best to provide their safety and convenience online. The BITWIDEN LIMITED website is subject to this "Privacy Policy". It regulates data accumulation and usage at the website. Using the BITWIDEN LIMITED website infers your consent to the data practices given in this statement.


BITWIDEN LIMITED accumulates such personal data as your name, ewallet information, secret question, secret answer and e-mail address. Some details about your software and hardware which are collected automatically by BITWIDEN LIMITED. We receive such information as the type of your browser, your IP address, access times, domain names to maintain high level of our services and to manage the statistics of the BITWIDEN LIMITED website.

Please consider the fact that if you reveal your personal data directly through the public message boards of the BITWIDEN LIMITED website, we are irresponsible for data privacy and such data can be used by third parties. We assure you that we do not read or interfere into your online private communication. BITWIDEN LIMITED "Privacy Policy" does not apply to other websites which you can decide to visit using a link from our website. That's why read attentively their privacy statements before giving them the right to collect your personal information. Please be aware that BITWIDEN LIMITED does not bear responsibility for the content and rules of other websites.

BITWIDEN LIMITED accumulates your personal data and use it to ensure the operations on the website and to make appropriate provisions for your experience at our website. BITWIDEN LIMITED also needs your personally identifiable data to inform you about other services or products you can obtain from BITWIDEN LIMITED and its affiliated companies. BITWIDEN LIMITED is also interested in your opinion and impression on potential new products and services that we may plan to offer you. In this case we may contact you via your e-mail. BITWIDEN LIMITED does not share the information about its clients with other persons concerned. From time to time BITWIDEN LIMITED may make you proposals on behalf of its business partners if the proposal seems to be interesting for you. In such cases your personal data (name, address, e-mail, telephone number) will not be revealed to them. But this information can be given to authorized persons and partners for the purpose of helping us with our responsibilities for performance of our commitments. All of such third persons understand the importance of the clients' personal privacy and they are under duty of confidentiality.

BITWIDEN LIMITED does not reveal such information about our client as his/her nationality, political or religious affiliations without their permission, or misuse it.

BITWIDEN LIMITED monitors the websites and pages which are visited by our clients within personal script system (PSS). It is necessary to define the most popular services of BITWIDEN LIMITED. This information also helps to offer customized content and to advertize within BITWIDEN LIMITED to those customers who demonstrate interest to definite subject.

Your private information can be revealed by BITWIDEN LIMITED only upon the request of law-enforcement authorities or when we are sure that it is necessary for:

* the fulfillment of laws requirement;
* PSS property or rights protection, security and defence;
* PSS users' personal safety protection in the cases of force majeure and hazards.

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